Terms of Service

This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between you and TWO BECOME ONE LTD .

TWO BECOME ONE LTD is a company that is registered in Nigeria, with (Reg no 1335182) and it has an online platform which is registered with domain name (Two b one) with url: (the "Site"), and using any of the Services (as defined below) accessible through the Site, you become a user and agree to, and are bound by, the terms and conditions of this Agreement for as long as you continue to use the Site or Services. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT USE THE SITE OR THE SERVICES. Your use of, or participation in, certain Services may be subject to additional terms, and such terms will be either listed in this Agreement or will be presented to you for your acceptance when you sign up to use such Services.

The (Two b one) services consist of the following, without limitation: A service for Nigerians all over the world, Singles Service, Relationship Counselling.


Minimum Age: You must be at least 18 years old to use the Site or to register for the Services. By using the Singles Service.

Marital Status: By requesting to use, registering to use,you represent and warrant that you are not married. If you are separated, but not yet legally divorced, you may not request to use, register to use.

Criminal History: By requesting to use, registering to use you represent and warrant that you have never been convicted of a felony and/or are not required to register as a sex offender with any government entity. (TWO B ONE) DOES NOT CURRENTLY CONDUCT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SCREENINGS ON ITS MEMBERS. However, two b one reserves the right to conduct any criminal background check, at any time and using available public records, to confirm your compliance with this subsection. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU HEREBY AUTHORIZE ANY SUCH CHECK.

Security check: All members must pass through security check on the site by uploading a valid identity card carrying the following details (full name, Date of birth, nationality) for verification.


As a user of the Site or a user registered to use any of the Services (a "Registered User"), you agree to the following:

Exclusive Use: Your account is for your personal use only. You may not authorize others to use your account, and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your account to any other person or entity. You acknowledge that (two b one) is not responsible for third party access to your account that results from theft or misappropriation of your user names and passwords.

Information Submitted: You are solely responsible for, and assume all liability regarding, (i) the information and content you contribute to the Service; (ii) the information and content you post, transmit, publish, or otherwise make available (hereinafter "post") through the Services; and (iii) your interactions with other Registered Users through the Services. In addition to sharing your information with your matches.

No Guarantees: (Two b one) may not be able to provide matches for everyone seeking to use its services. Further, (two b one) makes no guarantees as to the number or frequency of matches through the Service, desire or criteria to communicate with any user. You understand that (two b one) makes no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with individuals you meet through the Service.

Reporting of Violations: You will promptly report to (two b one) any violation of the Agreement by others, including but not limited to, Registered Users.

Content Removal: (Two b one) reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the information or material you submit to the Services or post in the public areas of the Services. (Two b one) will have the right to remove any such information or material that in its sole opinion violates, or may violate, any applicable law or either the letter or spirit of this Agreement or upon the request of any third party.

Posting and Communication Restrictions: You will not post on the Services, transmit to other users, and communicate any content (or links thereto), or otherwise engage in any activity on the Site or through the Services, that:

a) Promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
b) is intended to or tends to harass, annoy, threaten or intimidate any other users of the Site or Services;
c) Is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, obscene or otherwise objectionable;
d) Contains others' copyrighted content (e.g., music, movies, videos, photographs, images, software, etc.) without obtaining permission first;
e) Contains video, audio photographs, or images of another person without his or her permission (or in the case of a minor, the minor's legal guardian);
f) promotes or enables illegal or unlawful activities, such as instructions on how to make or buy illegal weapons or drugs, violate someone's privacy, harm or harass another person, obtain others' identity information, create or disseminate computer viruses, or circumvent copy-protect devices;
g) Intended to defraud, swindle or deceive other users of the Services;
h)contains viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful, or disruptive codes, components or devices;
i) Promotes or solicits involvement in or support of a political platform, religion, cult, or sect;
j) Disseminates another person's personal information without his or her permission, or collects or solicits another person's personal information for commercial or unlawful purposes;
k) Is off-topic, meaningless, or otherwise intended to annoy or interfere with others' enjoyment of the Site;
l) impersonates, or otherwise misrepresents affiliation, connection or association with, any person or entity;
M) solicits gambling or engages in any gambling or similar activity;
n) Uses scripts, bots or other automated technology to access the Site or Services;
o) Uses the Site or Services for chain letter, junk mail or spam e-mails;
p) Is in any way used for or in connection with spamming, spimming, phishing, trolling, or similar activities.

No False Information: You will not provide inaccurate, misleading or false information to (two b one) or to any other user. If information provided to (two b one) or another user subsequently becomes inaccurate, misleading or false, you will promptly notify (two b one) of such change.

No Harassment of (two b one) Employees or Agents: You will not harass, annoy, intimidate or threaten any (two b one) employees or agents engaged in providing any portion of the Services to you.

No Use of Confidential Information: You will not post, copy, modify, transmit, disclose, show in public, create any derivative works from, distribute, make commercial use of, or reproduce in any way any (i) Confidential Information or (ii) other copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information accessible via the Services, without first obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

Other Users' Information: Other Registered Users may post copyrighted information, which has copyright protection whether or not it is identified as copyrighted. You agree that you will not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, commercially use, or sell any (two b one) or third party proprietary information available via the Services or the Site.

No Contact Information: You agree that you will not post any e-mail addresses, personal website address or profile page you may have on a third party website, or other contact information in the "About Me" section of the Service or in any other communications you may have with other users. You may, at your discretion, exchange such information after you reach the "two b one Mail" phase with your match.