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Two-B-One is a fast growing community of Nigerians singles searching for truly compatible partner.

    We help build good self image in people. We create a mature mind ready to go into relationship and making it work. We help to build a person on emotional, psychological , spiritual , physical and the basics for a better life style. We help you to know your temperament and also shows you the type of persons that should come into your life as a person. We help you to use the law of opposite attracts and like repel. We help to build and develop a strong interpersonal relationship in all spheres in the relationship and gives you good preparation for your future in respect to marriage and raising positive kids.

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Matching Compatible Partner

  • Sometimes we feel or think we know ourselves better than any other person. We find it so difficult to believe that a close friend can be so accurate in describing our behavior, likes, dislikes, hobbies and most importantly our love life.
  • We are carried away by love for ourselves and forget the love a friend has for us. Even when we feel so reluctant in finding out what is best for our friend, we still know what they fantasize about when it comes to being in a relationship.
  • We know their Mr/Mrs perfect when it has to do with matching them with compatible partner.
  • There is a saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and there is always a friend in need out there.
  • Why not give gift that last a life time? Join us a make a friends lifetime a mystery of happiness and joy, match them with the best, help a friend, merge their hearts, bond their souls, make TwoBone.

Our Advice

  • Be open minded, Try to let go of the idea that there is a certain type of person that is right for you. Our research shows that many people find love in partners they would not have expected.
  • Be mindful when flirting, Overly sexual comment maybe considered inappropriate by other users. As a general rule, if you wouldn't say it in real life, don't say it online.
  • Spend time on your profile, you will be asked to fill out your personal profile after sign up. This is the time to shine, so be detailed, honest and ask a friend if you get stuck-they are sure to know all your best qualities.
  • Be careful online, Take care with passing on personal contact detail and never give away personal banking information
  • Get out there, Communicating in the online world is fun, but dont hide behind the Screen. Once you feel a connection with someone, get out there and meet them! It's the only sure way to know if there's chemistry between you.
  • Safety first,when meeting a potential partner for the first time , Make sure the place you choose to meet is public and do not accept or offer personal accommodation as an initial meeting place .

Share Experiences

  • Experience they say is the best teacher and as humans we always need to be motivated in one way or the other. Our words or actions can go a long way in helping and motivating people in our society today.
  • And by sharing wonderful experiences, we can be that, motivation a heart needs to be fully in love with someone. We can be that last wish a heart had made to find the perfect love; your story can be the start of someone‚Äôs testimony in finding the one.
  • Let the world know how great your relationship has being. Share your experience, give hope... give life
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